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DCI 100liter Pressurized Vacuum Jacketed Reactor Tank

 With Agitator Stainless steel construction

Electropolished internal finish

Dished top and cone bottom

Including Footpads load cells  

CIP inlets with spray ball

Motor 208 volts 1.5amps 60hz 3ph 1725 rpm  ½ hp

Vessel MAWP 100 – 15  psi 302Fahrenheit

Jacket MAWP 150 – 15 psi 365Fahrenheit


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Extremely power full Hydraulic (pump included) 60 HP mixer

-2500Lb Sigma Type Mixer  

-Never used / New Machine


-60 hp hydraulic pump included.

-Tilt.Extremely power full Hydraulic (pump included) 60 HP mixer.






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